Tuesday, November 25, 2008

INTERVIEW: Montmarte's Sketchbook

8 more days before my trip....

I am so excited to share with you this little interview I had with this stylish lady. Renee's famous blog is an amazing space that stores an extensive collection of fashion, prints and patterns and photography that catch her eyes. I love her ethnic style and color choices and have been a long-time fan of her blog. When I found out that she just went to Japan recently, I knew I needed to snatch her for a little interview. So here I bring you a brief Tokyo city guide in Renee's very own version.

10 things about Tokyo with Montmarte's Sketchbook

What triggered you to go to Tokyo?
Lately, I've been admiring japanese style, presentation, and food so I thought it would be an interesting place to visit. I hope I can go back one day.

Which book(s) were you reading on that plane to Tokyo?
The Audacity of Hope, The Kite Runner

Favorite place to shop for clothes
Muji, Sally Scott, Mina Perhonen, Tsumori Chisato, Journal Standard.

Favorite place to shop for arts & crafts
Asakusa neighborhood for traditional crafts and sweets

Favorite place to shop for books
+ Kinokuniya (it's six stories high!)
Cow books

Mori Art Museum

Favorite restaurants or caf├ęs
+ En-Ya
+ Bar Ricardo
+ The food market located in the basement of Takashimaya.
+ Bento boxes from the train station

The one dessert that you will never forget from this trip
Black sesame ice-cream

Favorite place to take photos

this might sound a little generic--but there is so much beauty just about anywhere you go.

MOST favorite photograph from the whole trip (if you only have to choose one)
this photograph of my friend kelly. (Editor's Note: Renee picked the top photo as her favorite, but the other two are too pretty not to share)

Any other fun random thoughts or suggestions about visiting Tokyo?

Other places to check out:

The Messengers exhibit at the Mori Art Museum.

Claska Hotel at Naka-Meguro (hotel/bookstore/gallery)

Daikenyama neighborhood (boutiques)

Yoyogi Park for a picnic and nap
+ Tsukiji fish market

Thanks so much for sharing with us Renee!

P/S Renee has lots of great photos on flickr too. And she has some new hand-printed designs available over here.


montmarte said...

just 8 more days!
hope you have a wonderful time in tokyo, benz! :)

see you,

benz said...

oh thanks renee :)
I will surely keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

a great interview, with some of my favorite things about tokyo, too. enjoy your trip!